You have to keep reading in order to keep leading

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The other weekend I attended a Leadership Seminar organized by Life Ministry. I got in late, and had to step out to meet a client, but the time I spent there was well spent. The highlight for me was from the first session by Mr Peter Asiimwe: “You have to keep reading in order to keep leading”. It hit me later in the day how powerful that point was, not only to leaders, but to everyone interested in making progress. It has been said before that “reading is to the brain what exercise is to the muscles”. So one needs to keep his brain fresh and strong by reading. 

Students may be thinking, “I am already reading more than enough for my class work!” Well, you have a point, but it is important to read widely, beyond the scope of your cla

ss work in order to expose your mind to a wider variety of subjects and material. For example, you are very unlikely to read about personal finances or relationships while studying for your exams. So if you would like to learn more about relationships, you will have to read beyond your class PowerPoint presentations and reference books.

Through reading, you get to improve your vocabulary and language skills, know more about a subject of interest, improve yourself and get inspired to action. When you read a book, say a biography, you have the opportunity to learn about a person, his life story, and how he made it through challenges and life situations. Its like you have the chance to sit down with the author for a chat at your convenience and hear his life story, in great detail, and learn lessons from him.

Several surveys and researches have shown that super successful people read way more than average people. This includes top CEOs and managers, political leaders, businessmen and all people at the top of whatever field. You might think that they are too busy to spend a few hours reading, but you will be surprised to know that they are able to create the time, and the reading they do contributes greatly towards their being on top of things and leaders in their areas of specialty. 

If you haven’t been reading, for whatever reason, you should consider starting as soon as today. Start small, find a book on a subject that you love, or one that you have heard being recommended, then commit to reading it till the end. No pressure, just make sure you read a little every day, and don’t put it away until you have finished it. The sense of achievement you get when you finish it will help you find another and start it. And finish it, and start another. Your reading will gain momentum, and before you know it you will be the one encouraging people to read! 

Now that I have talked about reading, I have remembered I have a couple of half-read books including Stop Acting Rich: ... And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire by Thomas J. Stanley and The Resolution for Men by Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick, Randy Alcorn

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