They climbed Mt Rwenzori!

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The Rwenzori climbing crew and well wishers, and those who came for the free drinks and goat roastFor many people, when they hear the word "Rwenzori", images of bottles of drinking water come to mind. But last Thursday wasn't about the sketches on the bottled water labels, it was about the real Mt Rwenzori as I was hanging out with a bunch of amazing people that had just climbed not only the Rwenzori, but 2 other mountains in 7 weeks. Yes, you got it right, 3 mountains in 7 weeks. That's something like 1 mountain every

two weeks! I mean, most average Kampalans haven't climbed further than the 7 hills, and when they walk up to 5th floor of Amamu House aka Georgian House they feel like they have achieved, and will even write about it on Facebook. But these guys climbed 3 mountains in 7 weeks! Ok, you can take a break to clap and give them props, then we can go on.

I was at Great Lakes Safari's home in Mutungo on invitation of Simon Kaheru and Amos Wekesa to discuss Ugandan Tourism with some of the best marketing minds in Kampala and then later join the climbers as they recapped their adventures. The Ugandan Tourism is another story for another day, but its such a big story that I have gone ahead to create a blog category for it, and I look forward to populating it in the coming days.

The Rwenzori climbers told their experiences, including the way the idea started, group formed, practicing walking around Kampala, the Workers House stairs, the Muhavura, Elgon and finally Rwenzori climbs. We were in stitches as they were very comical, but at the same time couldn't help but realize that climbing Africa's third highest mountain was actually such a big deal, requiring adequate preparation, and very few Ugandans have been up there. We chomped down the nicely done goat mchomo celebrating the climbing crew, and promising each other that we'd be going up there soon.

So, who wants to climb the Rwenzori with me?

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