End of Sem Exams

Written by Josh Twin on .

This week exams kicked off at UTAMU. The atmosphere is both tense and exciting.

I have high expectations because I’ve seen many of my classmates arrive very early in the morning and stay till late evening, studying hard. And I hope that everyone else is reading hard at home or hostel.

I believe our lecturers have done their best over the past few months to prepare us for this moment. They have surely facilitated knowledge transfer in an interactive and effective manner, and we have learnt a lot from class, the assignments and projects and all. My favorite assignment was the last

one which saw guys spend so much time huddled together around computer screens, working even on Sundays to come up with lots of interesting business ideas, and very impressive business plans. In fact some of them have vowed to go on and take them to market!

Continuous assessment has had its ups and downs, some tests’ results were more impressive, others more depressing. Final semester exams are our final opportunity to redeem ourselves. Even in the few days left, we can work hard to get the best marks possible and make a difference. Right now every minute counts, let us utilize every opportunity to make sure we are thoroughly prepared for each exam.

Also, remember that while this is the first semester, our performance now will contribute to the final score, and you cannot come back to fix any shortfalls later.

Let’s give it our best shot, and go for the Christmas holiday with the satisfaction that we did our best.

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