Life is all about perspective

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Life is all about perspective. We all look at the same things, but through different lenses. Let me illustrate this with a photo that I just run into on the Total Twitter timeline. I suddenly saw about 3 images in one, and it got me thinking.

For example, car guys like my German Car Club friends, or even the Subaru Owners Club guys will see the iconic BMW face and look for the “zoom in” button.

Insurance in Uganda: “Legalized robbery” or just poor public relations?

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I must admit I have very little faith in insurance; I usually describe it as follows:

"Friend promises to pick you from work every day for 1 year. He religiously shows up at 5pm for a few weeks, but if you work late or it rains (and thus need the ride more), he will say he's caught up or something like that. So despite having a guaranteed ride home every day, when it rains you will have to take boda in the rain or stand at taxi stop for hours. You know how it gets when it rains in Kampala!"

My relationship with a couple of health insurance providers has been like this. They have paid for run-of-the-mill medical instances, but when it comes to something more serious, or expensive, the kind that you’d be glad to have lifted off your wallet, miraculously it’s not covered by insurance. Mostly because of a certain term or condition that wasn’t brought to your attention earlier.

10 types of people that were at the MTN Marathon

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There’s only one person in Uganda who didn’t know about the 2015 MTN Kampala Marathon. Edith and I are in the same Whatsapp group where members started dropping selfies of the marathon as they progressed on Sunday morning.

Edith came out of “kamoli” and asked, “Which marathon is this?”

I also stepped out of the “kamoli” and replied her, “Edith please go away, back to where you

Are our security checkpoints really fighting crime?

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In the wake of the July 2011 bombings at Kyadondo Rugby Club and Ethiopian village, security around Uganda was tightened. Or at least that's what we were meant to believe. All buildings were required to have checkpoints at entrances, with walk through metal detectors manned by several security personnel, "armed" with handheld detectors. Motor vehicle Checkpoints were set up at entrances to malls, office buildings and practically every public place. Some "sensitive" places even had sniffer dogs added to their

Start working your financial plan early

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In class the other day, our lecturer told us about a conversation he had with a colleague about children, and in particular how expensive it is to raise children in today’s world. He run through some numbers, including pampers and milk for the newborn, nursery school and transport to drop and pick child from school, primary and secondary education and came to the conclusion that we should plan ahead, and have at least $50,000 in investments by the time one decides to get married. From the comments and murmurs, I gathered that most of my classmates thought that was a lot of money, and that they were still young (about 20 years old) after all, so they still have time to worry about money and marriage and kids later.

For some reason the conversation was on my mind the rest of the day, and I realized there was an important life lesson for to learn. The truth is, we are not that young any more, and we don’t have as much time as we may think we have. The thing with life is that it is a marathon, not a sprint, meaning that you can not just wake up one day and become financially stable. It takes time to map out a strategy, and take action, one step at a time. And what we do today contributes to our tomorrow. For example, you cannot attain a University degree in a

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