Spouses Nuggets: Building Godly marriages on Whatsapp

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Some time back, can't remember when, I was added to a group called Husbands Nuggets. I don't remember who added me, when, then one random day I saw a post about a Whatsapp group, around the time when I was asking on Facebook why I wasn't in any group yet people around me were always very busy on their phones chatting in multiple groups! Actually a few people responded and added me to a few groups. I quickly got tired of the whole group thing and left them one by one.

So I in boxed the Husband Nuggets admin, he added me, and man, I didn't see this coming. This Whatsapp group called "Spouses Nuggets" has been one of the best things to happen to me this year! The discussions going on in there got the group so popular that we quickly hit the 100 limit as people asked Admin to add their wives/husbands/friends and in Mushabe Dickson's words, it became a "Not so very busy" group. If you look away for a few minutes you'll find hundreds of messages. And because you don't want to miss a thing, you will wait till you have enough time to read through everything and sometimes you'll have 2000 messages to go through to catch up! Sometimes you catch up, sometimes you don't, and just join in where you've found the conversation. This is the life of "Team Kamoli", the guys who religiously read but never comment, and you only know they are paying attention when they accidentally send a voice message to the group. We call it "big fingers".

We've discussed all things marriage, shared issues affecting us as members and gotten good counsel and encouragement from members. It can be surprising and also reassuring to learn that what you're going through isn't happening to only you, and that others made it through safely and came out stronger. We've discussed wider issues that affect marriage and families in general, and also shared "neighbours'" issues. A faction of the group always wonders whether those "neighbours" referred to exist or not... (cc Rutazaana Doreen Mushabe 8-) ). But we just play along!

At some point I even shared with the group how our house had been invaded with rats and mice, we got so many solutions ranging from poison to prayer! And in about a week we had gotten rid of the rats! We'll never know whether it was the bait or the prayer that worked, all the same we thanked God.
It's been enriching interacting with these guys, from all walks of life, at different stages of marriage, different views on things. BTW things can get heated! We've had a few times that members have been on the brink of leaving or throwing shoes at each other! One of the contentious matters was "The marriage vows". I was one of the people who strongly insisted on the "till death do us part" no matter what, and the discussion went on for a while whenever I met a member offline. Up to now Isabella Kiconco still calls me "till death do us part"!

All this happens under the watchful eye of Andrew A. Izaara. If you break the rules, you buy a Bible. Simple So misbehavior results in students getting access to God's word. Win Win!

The story is long, but the short version is that it has transformed from a Whatsapp group to a fellowship of sorts, working towards enriching marriages and families. We've had 2 meetups, the most recent one being specifically prayer. We've already got lots of testimonies from that session.

This weekend, Sunday 6th we meet again at Eureka Place Suits/hotel Ntinda, opposite New Ntinda Market. Along Stretcher Rd.

Attendance is open to all, not restricted to the group members.

There'll be a guest couple who will field our most intriguing questions, benefiting from 32 years of marriage.

See poster attached.

To confirm attendance please inbox Andrew A. Izaara, and if you have a prayer item that you'd like the team to pray about, still Andrew's inbox.

As usual your identity will be protected in case you have sensitive issues to pray about, but if you'd like the team to know, I'm sure you can also specify to Andrew.

God is working in our families and marriages, we'd like to have more people benefiting from this movement. 

See you there!

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