Back to School

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#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen it suddenly hits you that you set up a blog and you haven't written anything in over a year!

What went wrong? Hmmm...

Well, let's see... So what do I write about now?

Now to avoid further blog silence, I'm going to just copy and paste something I wrote the other day for the university weekly newsletter: 

I had been thinking about going back to school for a while, and after comparing a number of options, I started gravitating towards Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU). Despite the fact that it was very new, I was very impressed by the team of academic staff, and the way the application process was being handled. I had a number of experiences to

compare with, (including Makerere, but that’s a depressing story, lets save it for another day ;-) ) and UTAMU was very impressive. 

Fast forward to September, we, “freshers”, were warmly welcomed by the staff in a simple but pleasant ceremony. We were even served drinks! I was personally very touched by the gesture, and the way the whole ceremony was conducted.

I am a little (to put it politely) older than most of the students, in fact there’s only a handful of us “matures” in the entire campus. I wasn’t sure what it would be like being back in school, attending lectures, doing assignments and the like, but I must say it has been much better than I ever expected. The staff at are very friendly and supportive, and they haven’t treated me any different from my more “appropriately aged” classmates. My classmates have also been great, I have fit in perfectly, and they have even chosen me to be their class representative. If it wasn’t for my balding head, or wedding band you could easily think I’m fresh out of high school!

The e-learning system is great, giving us materials, discussions and assignments all in one place. Paperless learning. I love the mode of teaching which encourages the learner to actually learn, not just cram for examination. I also love the fact that we have highly qualified lecturers who we can learn from and be inspired. The spirit of excellence is nearly tangible here at UTAMU, right from the Vice Chancellor to each and every person working here, and I am working hard to excel.

It’s been only a month, but I am confident that I made the right choice to join UTAMU, and I look forward to a wonderful time there.

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