Life is all about perspective

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Life is all about perspective. We all look at the same things, but through different lenses. Let me illustrate this with a photo that I just run into on the Total Twitter timeline. I suddenly saw about 3 images in one, and it got me thinking.

For example, car guys like my German Car Club friends, or even the Subaru Owners Club guys will see the iconic BMW face and look for the “zoom in” button.

“Oh it’s the e30! Hmmm… How has that guy maintained it in Kampala? It’s a UAM but it's still looking fresh!

Certified OCD freaks will at first glance say “Uh, Total’s new look is actually cool…” Then they will zoom in for imperfections and start. “Now why didn’t they repaint the bu black things? Huh? This place looks really untidy and rundown! Someone get me the station manager’s number. We need to fix this place up ASAP!”

Enter the guys who are into real estate, they will look straight past the station to the building in the background. “Wow! This property is nearly done! I need to check it out today! Going by the location, they must be the best and will surely give Hotel Africana a run for their money!”

The economists will however not be as impressed, and will drop several statistics and figures, quote Knight Frank’s last quarter report blah blah. Basically isn’t Kampala already over supplied with these luxury apartments? Most of these buildings aren’t occupied blah blah blah!

Wait, why do we have a street light lit during the day? Who’s to blame for this? KCCA? Or is it managed by the station?

Do you remember when a litre of fuel cost 1,500/=? Where are we headed as a country? Sigh!
Then the engineer will see the number 12 and think “Nice! 12 pumps! No chance that on a normal day you’ll have to wait to be served! And on a busy day you’ll be served real quick!”

Someone else however will see this as wastage. 12 pumps and serving only 3 cars. Eish!

So that’s just a few minutes of looking at it using my own lens. I’m certain as you read this you’ve seen many more angles to this! Let me know in the comments!

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