The social media blackout that can happen when you travel around Uganda

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In Uganda we like to travel to our upcountry homes for the holidays. The long Easter weekend provides a perfect opportunity to do just that! We enjoy catching up with friends and family, and generally all the fuss that comes with taking a break from city life.

One thing you quickly realize as you settle in on your arrival at your country home is that you will clearly have to take a break from some amenities that you have become accustomed to! For example the President recently made an announcement on that as reported by Sheila Nduhukire on Twitter, so there is a high chance that your upcountry home is off the grid.

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Interview: Yo-Uganda’s Gerald Begumisa On A Digital-Finance Revolution

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Gerald Begumisa is the Managing Director of Yo-Uganda Limited. Whereas you may not have heard of them, you most certainly have used their products without knowing that you were. Yo! Payments gateway is used by many financial services providers and is the main focus of Gerald’s company. We caught up with him to get the low-down on their story over the years.

Smile Uganda makes foray into Voice territory with VoLTE service

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Uganda Communications Commission’s 2015 3rd Quarter Post, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Market and Industry report put the number of mobile subscribers in Uganda at over 22.5 m, resulting into a tele-density of 64.3%. These numbers have provided opportunities in the telecom industry but a challenging economic environment with a deteriorating shilling and raising inflation requires innovation to take advantage of them.

Sections of Internet users locked out as various ISPs face outage

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Fibre cuts have this weekend left sections of internet users in Uganda, either running on ‘snail-speed’ connections or completely unable to access the Internet.

Users on social media and local ICT forum, I-Network, posted various complaints, specifically about Africell, Smile and Airtel connections.

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