Twitter unveils new tools and reports for advertisers

Written by Josh Twin on . Posted in Tech

Twitter Inc has said on their advertising blog that it will provide its advertisers with custom data-driven reports to help them gauge the impact of their ad campaigns on their profits.

Abhishek Shrivastava, Twitter’s Group Product Manager, Revenue said “As all performance marketers know, understanding the incremental contribution of the clicks and views on your ad campaign is critical — particularly when you’re running mobile or cross-device campaigns. Last-click attribution is an inaccurate reflection of what’s driving results, because the average customer switches between multiple devices, platforms, and sites before making a purchase.”

“To help our advertisers consistently gauge the impact of ad exposure across devices, we’re introducing conversion lift reports — a custom data-driven report designed to help you better understand the impact your Twitter Ads campaigns are driving toward your bottom line,” he went on to say.

The effectiveness of an ad campaign will be measured by dividing an advertiser’s target audience into two groups – one that sees the ads and another that doesn’t – and comparing conversions across the two test groups.

Whereas Twitter’s ad revenue per monthly average user has been declining, it seems to just be picking up in Uganda, and it is now normal to see a Ugandan promoted tweet unlike in previous years.

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