You can now download mobile event guide for Innovation Africa 2015

Written by Josh Twin on . Posted in Tech

A mobile event guide application for the 2015 Innovation Africa summit has just been released and is available on the major mobile app stores, Google PlayApp StoreBlackBerry World and Windows Store.


African Brains, the lead organiser of the Innovation Africa summit also introduced the web app which works on all devices, including desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

How to use the app
When you have accessed the app you can navigate around using the icons on the Home Screen.

Select ‘Menu’ from the top left corner to open the full menu.

To engage with other attendees, you must first access your profile. To do this select the photo / image icon in the top right hand corner then enter your email address.

You can then either complete your profile using your LinkedIn account (by far the quickest & easiest way) or by uploading a picture of yourself and filling in the relevant fields.

To view other attendees and send messages through the app, select the ‘Attendees’ icon from the Home screen or select ‘Attendees’ from the menu bar. Find the person you would like to send a message to, select their name to open their profile then select ‘Send them a message’.

You can also view the up-to-date agenda, your meetings diary, see the profiles of corporate,government, IGO, university & media partners and view floor plans to find out where exhibitors and roundtables are.

We have installed the app on Android and iOS and it installs quickly, runs smooth, save for the first time when it took a few seconds to load. It will definitely enhance the user experience for delegates attending the summit.

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