Children to build robots at MTN Juniors Robotics Camp

Written by Josh Twin on . Posted in Tech

When I was a kid I always tinkered with stuff, often leaving them inoperable because I didn’t really know what I was doing, but on occasion I actually tinkered enough to fix a radio that had been written off or something like that. That a little boy can grab a screw driver (or table knife or anything that could fit!) and figure out how a device works, and identify a fault, I don’t know whether we’d call that luck, or potential genius.

For example, one day I opened a VHS player and untangled the tape that had gotten “eaten” and cleaned both the deck and the VHS tape. The deck (that’s what we used to call them) was on its way to the technician but I saved the day. I kind of didn’t mention that I’d seen the whole procedure being done at the neighbor’s house a couple of times, so I took full credit for it! I guess we’ll never know whether I had potential to be a great inventor and maybe even invent an iPhone or something, or I was just as curious and naughty as the next boy.

Tomorrow morning we shall get to see the curious minds of our children at work at the MTN Juniors Robotics Camp for kids of ages 9-12 organized by MTN Uganda and Fundi Bots who both need no introduction and are leaders of their respective industries. Actually I don’t know whether Fundi Bots has any followers yet, you know how we like to copy in Uganda, but what they’ve got going on is “legit” and it might be a while till we get another Solomon King! Maybe it could have been me, maybe not. We’ll never know!

The 3 day camp that is starting today Friday and running till Sunday will see the youngsters let their imaginations go wild as they design cartoon animations and videos using hardware, get introduced to programming and … umm… well, we’ll soon find out other creative stuff they come up with.

Your favorite source of Tech news, PC Tech Magazine will be on site and will update you on progress as it happens, and will be publishing more details about this initiative tomorrow. Also by following the #MTNInnovate hashtag on Twitter, you can follow the conversation and join in as well.

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