9 year old seeks funding for toy car developed at MTN Junior Robotics Camp

Written by Josh Twin on . Posted in Tech

For an ordinary weekend, Matthew aged 9 would be spending his time watching Television at home with his siblings, then doing some of his weekend homework, and then he’d play outside a little. Some weekends his family will go out to the mall for lunch or just grocery shopping where he might sneak a can of ice cream into the trolley and hope his parents don’t notice. After all he had some on his way home from school yesterday and dad has capped the amount of ice cream he can have in a week. Matthew would be up to his usual mischief and fun life.

Children to build robots at MTN Juniors Robotics Camp

Written by Josh Twin on . Posted in Tech

When I was a kid I always tinkered with stuff, often leaving them inoperable because I didn’t really know what I was doing, but on occasion I actually tinkered enough to fix a radio that had been written off or something like that. That a little boy can grab a screw driver (or table knife or anything that could fit!) and figure out how a device works, and identify a fault, I don’t know whether we’d call that luck, or potential genius.

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