Twitter timeline feature prioritizes tweets that you might want to see

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Just the other day, Twitter users were up in arms about news that Twitter wanted to prioritize tweets using an algorithm, a method of content delivery very similar to what Facebook does.

The hashtag #RIPTwitter trended on Saturday night as many users seemed to imply that the change would be the end of Twitter.

Vote your favourite Doodle 4 Google artwork

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We all know how Google likes to switch things up on their search home page with special themes for seasons and celebrations. They also like to get kids in on the fun, and last October kicked off their annual Doodle 4 Google art competition, asking students to create a doodle to tell the world “What makes me…me.” This time around, they added a little twist: for the first time in eight years of Doodle 4 Google, there were no restrictions on the medium or materials kids could use to create a doodle.

Interview: Lyndsay Handler, MTN Innovation Awards’ Outstanding Woman in Innovation

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Lyndsay Handler, the Managing Director at Fenix International was recognized at the inaugural MTN Innovation Awards as the “Outstanding Woman in Innovation”.  Lyndsay has won other awards and been recognized for her work around East Africa. She’s very passionate about her work, I found out when I scheduled a meeting with her and she cancelled last minute because she felt she needed to go to the field to give her sales team a push as the year came to a close. And when we finally sat down to chat, I could see the passion as she spoke about touching over 300,000 people in 50,000 homes with ReadyPay, and her life and times in East Africa:

Uganda’s Presidential Debate owns the internet, trends worldwide

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This morning I’m particularly proud to be Ugandan. If not because I witnessed history being written with the Presidential debate, it’s because Uganda owned the internet, if only for a moment, and for a right reason. Infact we broke Twitter! OK Twitter was unavailable shortly after the debate ended but we don’t know for sure what happened!

What’s the best cheap smartphone you have used?

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For most of us, when you walk into an electronics shop, you first look all around the shop at all the cool gadgets on display, then finally zoom into what you’re interested in for that time. For example when you walk into a phone shop in your favourite mall or Mutaasa Kafeero, your attention will be drawn to the section with the flagship smartphones. If you aren’t in a hurry or if you are just curious, you will first check out the latest Samsung Note, the Huawei P8 or Mate, the iPhone 6 Plus, and maybe a tablet or two. That is regardless of whether you’re in the market for one of those or you’re actually looking for a device lower in the food chain!

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