Netflix now available in Uganda but don’t get too excited yet

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Netflix has launched its video streaming service globally, simultaneously bringing its Internet TV network to more than 130 new countries around the world.

The company made the announcement and switched on the global service during a keynote by Co-founder and Chief Executive Reed Hastings at CES 2016.

MyMTN app is the smart way to use Mobile Money in 2016

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Launched in 2009, MTN Mobile Money was initially seen as a way for mobile users to send and receive money around Uganda. And for a long time, that’s what most subscribers used it for. Buying airtime was an additional service, but over the 6 years since its launch, it has grown leaps and bounds to become an important part of our society.

Interview: Charles Muhindo on bridging the digital divide in education with BrainShare

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BrainShare, the educational service with over 80,000 active users in more than three countries was the winner of the “Best Education Application” category at the MTN Innovation Awards last month. BrainShare was launched with the objective of connecting students to top content at reduced cost as well as empowering teachers and giving them an opportunity to earn more from their efforts.

How much processing power and capacity do you really NEED in a computer?

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For someone who has for long been the geek in nearly every social group that I’ve belonged to, you’d expect that I’d be buying top-of-the-range, highest spec computers. In fact I used to. A few years ago I’d walk into one of the computer shops along Kampala Road and ask if they had a Quad Core i7 with 8GB RAM… (read the highest spec machine), then bargain like my life depended on it. I just had to have the highest specs available at time of purchase. If Intel launched a new processor the next week, I’d be depressed! If I bought a PC with 320 GB and then later found that a 500GB was now on the market, I just had to have it!

What SIM Registration deadline means to Ugandas operators’ revenues and rural users

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Image Credit: GMANewsEarly this month the telecom regulator Uganda Communication Commission wrote to all telecom players to register all its subscribers or face consequences, including revoking licenses, fines or disconnection. The telecoms took this notice very seriously, and this month we’ve seen creativity and innovation come into play as each tries to ensure their customers SIMS are registered and not cut off.

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