What can Uganda learn from South Africa to improve our domestic Tourism?

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SAT Regional Director for Africa Ms. Evelyn Mahlaba welcoming Uganda Tourist Board Executive Director Peter Assimwe to Tour Agents Exbhition in KampalaGuest article by Jackson Oboth

South Africa’s INDABA, concluded in May was no doubt Africa’s Top Travel Show that enjoyed great participation from 20 countries from around the African continent. Officials from South African Tourism say the level of connectivity between buyers and exhibiters vastly improved over the previous year. More interestingly, the Online Diary and Match Making System was a key driver in improving the quality of the INDABA 2015 experience for exhibitors and buyers.

They climbed Mt Rwenzori!

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The Rwenzori climbing crew and well wishers, and those who came for the free drinks and goat roastFor many people, when they hear the word "Rwenzori", images of bottles of drinking water come to mind. But last Thursday wasn't about the sketches on the bottled water labels, it was about the real Mt Rwenzori as I was hanging out with a bunch of amazing people that had just climbed not only the Rwenzori, but 2 other mountains in 7 weeks. Yes, you got it right, 3 mountains in 7 weeks. That's something like 1 mountain every

MTN expands 4G footprint

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So this morning MTN Uganda announced that they had extended their 4G coverage from a few locations in the middle of Kampala to the whole country. Atleast major towns, not literally the whole country! Clearly my grandpa in Muhanga doesn't need 4G yet, but my "learned friend" Joanne in Kabale definitely needs a connection that can keep up with her insatiable appetite for knowledge.

I was excited to hear this bit of news because

Are our security checkpoints really fighting crime?

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In the wake of the July 2011 bombings at Kyadondo Rugby Club and Ethiopian village, security around Uganda was tightened. Or at least that's what we were meant to believe. All buildings were required to have checkpoints at entrances, with walk through metal detectors manned by several security personnel, "armed" with handheld detectors. Motor vehicle Checkpoints were set up at entrances to malls, office buildings and practically every public place. Some "sensitive" places even had sniffer dogs added to their

End of Sem Exams

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This week exams kicked off at UTAMU. The atmosphere is both tense and exciting.

I have high expectations because I’ve seen many of my classmates arrive very early in the morning and stay till late evening, studying hard. And I hope that everyone else is reading hard at home or hostel.

I believe our lecturers have done their best over the past few months to prepare us for this moment. They have surely facilitated knowledge transfer in an interactive and effective manner, and we have learnt a lot from class, the assignments and projects and all. My favorite assignment was the last

Start working your financial plan early

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In class the other day, our lecturer told us about a conversation he had with a colleague about children, and in particular how expensive it is to raise children in today’s world. He run through some numbers, including pampers and milk for the newborn, nursery school and transport to drop and pick child from school, primary and secondary education and came to the conclusion that we should plan ahead, and have at least $50,000 in investments by the time one decides to get married. From the comments and murmurs, I gathered that most of my classmates thought that was a lot of money, and that they were still young (about 20 years old) after all, so they still have time to worry about money and marriage and kids later.

For some reason the conversation was on my mind the rest of the day, and I realized there was an important life lesson for to learn. The truth is, we are not that young any more, and we don’t have as much time as we may think we have. The thing with life is that it is a marathon, not a sprint, meaning that you can not just wake up one day and become financially stable. It takes time to map out a strategy, and take action, one step at a time. And what we do today contributes to our tomorrow. For example, you cannot attain a University degree in a

You have to keep reading in order to keep leading

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The other weekend I attended a Leadership Seminar organized by Life Ministry. I got in late, and had to step out to meet a client, but the time I spent there was well spent. The highlight for me was from the first session by Mr Peter Asiimwe: “You have to keep reading in order to keep leading”. It hit me later in the day how powerful that point was, not only to leaders, but to everyone interested in making progress. It has been said before that “reading is to the brain what exercise is to the muscles”. So one needs to keep his brain fresh and strong by reading. 

Students may be thinking, “I am already reading more than enough for my class work!” Well, you have a point, but it is important to read widely, beyond the scope of your cla

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